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Latest Beer Releases

Desert Distortion

Wet Hop

New England IPA

New England IPA made with 40lbs of wet Centennial hops to provide a refreshingly fresh citrus aroma and a clean harvest taste

7.2% ABV / 55 IBU

Oktoberfest - Sunset Condor Helles Bock Lager

A strong, gluten-reduced German lager with honey tones and a refreshing presence of Willamette hops

6.8% ABV / 25 IBU

Copper Crypt Imperial IPA 

Episode 1

A malty and rich west-coast styled Imperial IPA made with Cascade, Crystal and Chinook hops

8.3% ABV / 100 IBU

The Whispers of Geronimo Oatmeal Stout Episode 1

A dark, smooth oatmeal milk stout made with Williamette and Phoenix hops for a satisfying finish

5.5% ABV / 27 IBU

Desert Distortion New England IPA Episode 5

This fresh NE-style IPA is Double Dry-Hopped with Enigma Hops and made with Xtra Pale and Maris Otter base malts! 

6.7% ABV / 50 IBU

Desert Distortion New England IPA Episode 4

This wonderful NE-style IPA is Double Dry-Hopped with Galaxy Hops and made with Floor-Malted Bohemian Pilsner and Maris Otter base malts! 

6.4% ABV / 50 IBU

The Red Wraith Irish Red IPA

An exotic merge of red and IPA styles made with Nugget, Chinook and Simcoe hops

6.5% ABV / 61 IBU

Madam's Revenge Orange & Coriander Belgian Ale

A Belgian ale infused with orange and coriander flavors with a distinctive taste and color

7.0% ABV / 20 IBU

Ghostfire Curse

Coconut S'mores Stout

A delicious dessert stout with decadent coconut and s’mores flavoring for a tropical campfire vibe

6.5% ABV / 35 IBU

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The Bone Haus Chronicles

Featuring the art of Mikel Whelan

As a young man in the late 1800's, our patriarch Hans Von Biermann received a letter from his uncle deep in the Arizona Territory of America asking him to leave his brewer's family in Germany and help him mine a vein of gold he had just discovered in the Superstition Mountains just outside of a small settlement called Phoenix.

Hans, the alleged nephew of the Lost Dutchman, decided to pursue adventure and treasures for the family. He left his homeland and made the journey across the Atlantic and the vast plains only to arrive in Phoenix with no trace of his uncle or the mine he claimed to have discovered. 

Hans was determined to find his uncle and the riches he promised so he did the only thing he knew and opened a tavern called the Bone Haus. At this fine establishment on the outskirts of the wild west, he would mine the local patrons for any information leading to the whereabouts of his estranged uncle and the alleged gold mine. 

Each time Hans would venture into the Superstition Mountains, he would have a brush with the macabre, the eerie, the unexplained. He rode the line between life and death, often unsure of what he was witnessing and experiencing. Was it real? He captured his experiences in a detailed journal and we celebrate those adventures with each and every beer we brew. His legend and lore gives us the mantra to follow one's dreams regardless of obstacles, regardless of opinions, regardless of oppositions. Memento Mori. 


Fountain Hills, Arizona

14825 East Shea Blvd., # 101
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

Far northwest corner of the Fry's Plaza

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