About the Bone Haus

The Bone Haus Brewing name and theme are a nod to the many ossuaries and catacombs, also known as bone houses, we’ve visited across Europe. Those warmly lit chambers contain artistic and stunning displays of skeletal remains of everyone from revered monks to common townsfolk, but those final resting places are hardly final, as they now serve as monuments for inspiration, reflection, and celebration for the living. They can be a reminder to live for today.


Our story ties these brushes of the macabre with the history of Arizona, especially in the late 1800s when mining, treasure, and adventure consumed desert life in the Arizona Territory.

We focus on our craft to make the best beers and beverages we can as we explore new bold and adventurous flavors. Our signature beer is our Desert Distortion New England IPA and we craft many varieties of that beer including a blood orange version called Desert Distortion Lichii. We are also well known for our Englemann's Elixir Prickly Pear Pale Ale which has prickly pear fruit and vanilla flavors, our Belgian style ales, and our lightest beer, Carbide Light.

We want to provide a different tasting experience upon every visit, so we’re dedicated to crafting a steady rotation of limited-editions and seasonals in order to round out our offerings and keep our customers guessing. We want to focus on brewing interesting beer (as well as sodas, tea, and coffee!) and serving our customers, and we frequently host a fun variety of food trucks and live music when the tap room is open to the public.


The Story of Hans Von Biermann

Hans Von Biermann, our patriarchal figurehead at the Bone Haus we fondly call Von, is surrounded by incredible tales, phantasmic adventures, and eerie happenings. He could be legend, could be lore. Fact or fiction? Myth or truth? One can only suppose and opine. It is believed that Von was a German immigrant, born into a family of brewers from the old country. As the story goes, it is theorized that as a young man in the late 1800's, Von received a letter of invitation from his uncle who had years prior ventured to the Arizona territory in search of wealth, riches and adventure. It is rumored that Von's uncle was the Lost Dutchman of Arizona lore, a truly vague legend of a German immigrant (Deutschman) finding a glorious gold mine in the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix only to have lost its location to dust and time. It is said that Von received a letter from his uncle inviting him to help mine the gold and establish the Biermann family dreams of wealth and prestige. However, when Von made his way to Arizona months later in search of his uncle, he was no where to be found. There was no evidence of his uncle, the gold mine, or even the slightest clue about any of it.


Von decided to do what he knew and he brewed! He brewed his own bold and adventurous beers and started a meager establishment in the outskirts of Phoenix in hopes of finding information about his uncle or the gold mine's location through stories, tales, and embellishments from local patrons. Any time he would piece together a clue or a snippet of information, he would journey into the Superstitions and look for his uncle and the claims of a gold mine. Each journey led to mystical adventures and eerie happenings involving the most strange occurrences and unbelievable sights, sounds and smells. It was as if the spirit world and all the macabre mysteries of the desert were acting out against him, keeping him from his assumed destiny. The only treasures from his efforts were the bold recipes he concocted for his brews, inspired by the crazy events and whimsically macabre encounters he experienced each and every time. The legend still lies out there. The mine never found. The evidence of the Biermann investigations lost. The recipes only pieced together by rumination, inspiration, creativity, whimsy and experience. We carry this torch now and even still today wonder of those treasures in a lost mine somewhere in the mountains east of the Bone Haus as we brew boldly. 

Our Dog Policy

The Bone Haus welcomes you and your friendly dogs to enjoy our two patios. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow these awesome pets inside the brewery due to county health codes unless, of course, they are certified service animals!