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Hoodies Pre-Order Program

Pre-order new merchandise designs to help us develop more cool products for your Bone Haus lifestyle and get most excellent discounts for being an

early adopter and supporter!

Bone Haus Hoodies

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

How It Works!

Our design team will present new merchandise offerings here periodically. We present them as product concepts and renderings, so the actual product might slightly vary from what you see here, but you get the idea! 


If you like any of the designs and wish to purchase them, simply order the product as normal. This is a pre-sale meaning that the product has not been produced yet and so you will receive your product 2 - 6 weeks after ordering... but at a most excellent discount. The presale period for each product will last approximately 2 weeks and then go to production. When the product is ready, we will notify you via email. You may then pick up your product at the Bone Haus tap room during normal operating hours or have it shipped to you directly with an additional standard shipping fee. It's like our own kickstart!

Why It Works!

This method helps us continually create new products, many of which our loyal customers have asked for, by providing up-front funds for us to go to production. For a small, local company such as ourselves, it is often difficult to come up with the resources to buy large amounts of new merchandise that isn't the core product. So, by pre-ordering, you provide us the needed resources to bring these products to production and in return we give you a most excellent discount off the future retail price!

Plus, you'll be the first on your block sporting your new Bone Haus gear! 

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