Shadow on Concrete Wall

- Ranger Amy -

Animal Education


Tuesday January 18 - 6pm 

Inside the Tap Room


Will feeding hummingbirds in the fall keep them from migrating? What hummingbirds can you see in Fountain Hills? How are they so stinking cute annd yet still be so bada$$?  Get all your burning hummingbird questions answered this Tuesday at Bone Haus! 


Arizona's Mythical Creatures

Tuesday January 25 - 6pm 

Inside the Tap Room

Arizona​'s Mythical Creatures

From jackalopes to chupacabras to the Mogollan Monster, these Arizona legends live in our imagination… or do they run through the mountains and deserts of more than just our minds? There’s at least a little bit of truth to each of these unworldly creatures. This is the Ranger Amy talk where you may leave Bone Haus with more questions than answers.