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Animal Education - February 18 & 19 - 6pm





Tuesday, February 18 AND Wednesday, February 19
By popular demand...

Ranger Amy talks RATTLESNAKES!
This is the Ranger Amy talk not to miss! Offered both Tuesday and Wednesday night this week to accommodate high demand.
Ranger Amy will bring FIFTEEN different live rattlesnakes onto Bone Haus's side patio (safely behind glass) for this unique opportunity to see Arizona's amazing rattlesnake diversity first-hand! Bring your camera.

Did you know that we have the distinct bragging right of having more species of rattlesnakes than any other state? All are venomous, but all have fascinating life stories and myths surrounding them. Find out what to do if you're bitten, which rattlesnake is the most dangerous, and how to avoid getting bitten in the first place. As always, this is a family-friendly program-- try our Sidewinder Root Beer brewed right here in house!

Tuesday - Cousins Maine Lobster serves up lobstah!
Wednesday - Quattro Pazzi Pizza serves up great Italian!

Happy hour 3-6pm both nights!