Saturday June 26 - 6PM


Richard Nihil, a.k.a. I Am Hologram, is a multi-instrumentalist with 30+ years of musical experience. He fronts several projects, plays lead guitar in Ghost Cat Attack, and also runs an open mic in Phoenix. I Am Hologram was awarded the "Most Prolific Artist" award from Yab Yum in 2016 for releasing 3 full albums and 3 EPs. Since then, he has released several EPs, singles, and another full album. Later this year, he will be releasing his fifth album, "Not All Of Us Are Human". With over 100 originals and over 500 covers, you get a different show every time he performs. 

“I Am Hologram embodies everything that I love about music and the element of chaos. Using a perfectly balanced blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, Hologram’s unconventional and unwavering performances will leave you in shock and awe. This guy is quickly setting himself apart from other solo acts as one of the most original in the valley.”

— Chris Nunley, Yab Yum West

"I don’t use the word “genius” lightly, but I’ve used it in reference to Nihil and his music several times recently, and I mean it”

— Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times

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