Anamieke Quinn

Friday June 19 - 6PM

Passionate, unusual, pretty and intense are all adjectives thrown around to describe Anamieke Quinn performances, which draw comparisons to Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. The Arizona songstress with a Dutch name (pronounced "Awn-uh-MEEK") is known for her unorthodox guitar style, carefully crafted lyrics and powerful vocal performances.

Songs feature a memorable melody woven into a quintessentially rhythmic and jazz-influenced guitar part, while the poignant and sometimes sultry lyrics range from intimate to grandiose, but always slice like a knife. Vocals nimbly sweep between sweet, tender moments and soulful anthems, with a little twang of the prairie in between.

Bearing an acoustic Martin guitar, you’ll see her in small venues, festivals, streets and subways across the US singing her heart out with finger-picked accents and an occasional whistle break.

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