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Hands-on Guitar Workshop with Ritchie Fliegler
Level 2

Level 2 Workshop
Every Tuesday 6-8pm

Mar 5 - Apr 2

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This class is intended for existing students of the Guitar Workshop and will allow you to progress as a group to the next level!


For only $250, you will receive a series of 5, two-hour, hands-on interactive sessions where players (that's you!), using their own instruments will discuss their goals, aspirations, concerns, wishes, equipment and instrument challenges… any and all things concerning guitar playing and or performance, one-on-one with Ritchie and the group. You will be given direct, factual, and actionable input that you can work on between sessions and will experience a sense of camaraderie and musical fellowship, while gaining insights and inspiration from other members of the group in a no-stress environment. 

Sessions will be held every Tuesday 6-8pm and include a pint of your choice of beer on tap each week! The 5th session will be a live "recital/jam" at the Bone Haus where participants are invited to perform for friends and family (and strangers!).

Learn About Ritchie in his own words!

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About Ritchie Fliegler — Engaging and exciting, guitarist and storyteller Ritchie Fliegler has been a Bone Haus regular since day one. A professional guitarist, arranger, designer and consultant since his teen years, Ritchie has performed on stages around the globe, played on multiple gold and platinum albums, and arranged, and produced music for video with a broad array of artists such as John Waite, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oates, and Billy Joel, to name just a few.

In the corporate world, Ritchie has designed and marketed guitar products for companies such as Fishman, Marshall Amplification, PRS, Gibson, and Fender guitars – where he is a former Senior VP.

Ritchie states, "My performances are very conversational. I get a lot of technical questions from the many players who come to see me about technique, style, tunings, equipment, instruments and more. These workshops are an opportunity for players to go way deep, more one-on-one in-depth than feasible in a performance setting."

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