Bone Haus Brewing presents
Desert Distortion


This beer is a premium, New England styled juicy

India Pale Ale with deep overtones of citrus from

Cascade and Ekuanot hops.

Hans Von Biermann, alleged nephew of the Lost Dutchman, searched the deserts of Arizona looking for his uncle and the lost mine in the late 1890’s. He often rode the line between life and death. Hans found himself in a somewhat desperate situation deep in the Sonoran desert as he was chasing clues to track down his uncle and the Lost Dutchman mine. Low on water, potential heat stroke ensuing, he saw what appeared to be an oasis. It looked like a clearing with a few palm trees around a luscious water hole, but Hans felt it must be only a mirage, an image created by the heat waves he was trying to endure. However, this oasis appeared to be encased by a glowing portal or halo, surrounding the much needed water from ground to sky in a an uneven oval. Anything inside the portal view appeared to be alive and vibrant. Anything outside the portal was dry, dead or dying, including Hans himself. Hans spotted a horse that seemed to balance across the portal boundary, taking a drink from the water hole on one end with the horse's head appearing quite normal and alive. Yet, the horse’s body crossed the boundary and outside of the portal wall appeared to be dead and in skeleton form. Confused, distraught, not knowing if he was alive or dead in that moment, Hans reached out for the portal hoping to find relief from the heat, water to quench his thirst, and shade under which to rest. 


Like a fool, I chased ghosted clues into the heat of the desert with limited supplies. At the edge of death, I happened upon an unlikely oasis to quench my thirst but it only left me in want of more.” - HVB

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