Bone Haus Brewing presents Coyote Thief

This beer is a premium brown ale created with locally-harvested mesquite wood soaked and steeped in bourbon for over a month to provide a deep aroma and smooth taste.

Excerpt from The Bone Haus Chronicles

Journal entry by Hans Von Biermann

On my latest excursion into the mountains well east of Phoenix, I found somewhat of a grove of mesquite trees curiously arranged in a near perfect circle. My hesitation to set camp as the sun was meeting its horizon was not unfounded. There was a certain uneasiness, indicernable in source, that kept my wit at a heightened level of alarm, yet with the unkind nature of the desert I was left little choice. I set up my meager camp and kept a fire lit in hopes it would ward off the foulness I felt amongst the mesquite trees. I kept diligent watch on the perimeter as I hastened through a packed meal of pemmican. With no significant disturbance about or physical clue of danger, I found a splash of whiskey from my rations to ease my nerves and soon thereafter found my sack to lay rest from the weary day, still cautious of any threats that might befall. 


As I grew sleepy and faded into a light rest, I was startled awake by a rustle amongst the outlying brittlebush. I held a remaining branch alit with flame from the campfire out to shed light upon the perimeter to no avail. I saw nothing, yet I felt a presence. I checked my revolver and ensured it was at the ready in close proximity. There was little chance I would find sleep in these conditions but maybe a partial rest could be had. Yet, soon I was soundly asleep. My soul clearly needed rest. Safety be damned. The protective mind was overruled. 


From there, I cannot be entirely convinced I was either awake or asleep. What occurred at this point is beyond my comprehension and while it would be easy to discount this as a mere dream that could haunt my very soul, there is physical evidence that beholds to the contrary. I was made aware, maybe made awake, but certainly made conscious of my environment soon after being in a clear sleep through a controlled breathing just above my face. The deep breathing in and out, paced in a controlled yet intimidating manner, brought me alert but I was unable to move in any capacity. I was frozen there in my sack, only able to see what was before me… a large face of a coyote breathing in and out over my face, glowing eyes locked on me as if to inspect my soul, as if determining if my quest was worthy or if I was to become his next meal. I could not move. I could do nothing but hope this creature would allow me peace. The coyote’s breathing was not one of threat or excitement. When his gaze left mine, I could finally move. I quickly surveyed my camp and saw a sentinel coyote at each and every mesquite tree, glowing gazes in my direction. I was fully surrounded and yet seemingly not in any danger. The one coyote in my immediate midst then circled the campfire inspecting the area and even though I was able to look around, I was not able to stand nor sit. This lead creature then grabbed my pouch where I kept some important supplies - some treasury notes, some pemmican and other rations, and my whiskey. The coyote grabbed the bag, looked back at me, eyes lit aglow and with his pack, disappeared into the night. Once they left the circle of mesquites, I was able to fully move about. I could no longer possibly think of this circle of mesquites as a coincidence of nature but more as a place of entrapment for the wild pack of coyotes and to whomever they may serve. I will avoid this area in the future though I am compelled to find out what they are protecting or what their purpose is, for they are not under behavioral norms.



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