Treasure Hunting & Arizona History

June 23 - 6pm



Bone Haus Proudly Presents: 

Cody Drake talks

Treasure Hunting & Arizona History

Cody Drake, also known as the Arizona Treasure Hunter, is formally educated in Anthropology. Cody has had extensive exposure and experience, in the fields of Archaeology and Paleontology, as well. Through years of research, exploration, and hard won field experience, he has become what is known as a “professional treasure hunter”, gold, and mineral wealth prospector.


Born in Amarillo Texas, and raised in Southern Arizona, he has been steeped in Southwest history, and in the tradition of exploring the lost treasures of the Southwest, alongside of his father, since the tender age of eight. Cody is a trained expert wilderness survivalist, with an existing record of 58 days of full survival, out in the wilderness, alone, living completely off of the natural resources and lands bounty.


His professional accomplishments and accolades include having actively worked on many formal excavation and historic sites, having discovered tens of thousands of treasures & artifacts through out the Southwest leading various news and television appearances including The Discovery Channel. 

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